Report Animal Abuse

At Catrix we believe that involving, educating and building relationships with our communities and the government is key to improving animal welfare in Costa Rica.

Like you, we want all animals to receive the love and respect they deserve.

Since 2017, there is an animal welfare law in Costa Rica that condemns any type of mistreatment against animals of any kind, within these Cats and Dogs, at Catrix we ensure that the law is complied with. We adequately advise and make complaints against any type of act of animal abuse.

Within the articles of the law it is indicated

In the case of the jail sentence of three months to one year: this will apply to those who intentionally cause the death of a domestic or domesticated animal, who cause damage that causes weakening of their health or causes intense pain to a domestic or domesticated animal , those who perform sexual acts with animals, who practice vivisection of animals for purposes other than research and who promote or carry out fights between animals of any species.

In the case of fines that amount between a quarter and a half base salary: these apply to those who promote or carry out breeding, hybridization or training of animals to increase their danger, who do not collect the faeces of their companion animals on public roads, those who do not guarantee their animal the minimum cleaning conditions, those who abandon their domestic animals and those who attack and injure a domestic or domesticated animal.

Here are the steps to properly file a complaint with the National Animal Health Service (Senasa):

You can call the line authorized by the judiciary at 800-8000-645 or also follow the following steps.

                 1- Locate the headquarters of the regional address that corresponds to the case to file the complaint through the official page of Senasa and the contacts tab.

                 2- Fill out a form that you can send by email or hand-deliver.

                 3- If you have the possibility to do so, attach the related photographs and videos to the case, this will allow it to be classified as urgent or not, these resources are very useful for Senasa, since they facilitate the process against the person denounced.

                 4-Indicate the exact address and as detailed as possible in which the events occurred or continue to occur according to each case, without this information it is impossible to personally assist the abused animal.

                  5- After following the steps described above, the complaint goes through a 10-day study process, after this period of time Senasa will respond that it will attend the complaint made, visit the indicated place to confirm the information provided on the case and determine if the solution requires preventive measures or the confiscation of the animal in order to get it a new home.

At Catrix we defend animals if you need more information or help you can contact us at or contact the number 8992-6914