Animal Rescue

Rescue, Rehabilitate and Relocate

Cats and kittens come to our care from many different sources: abandoned or lost, when their owners die, companion animals that have litters, or animals without an owner in the community that need help.

Whenever we can, we work with people to support their animals, providing them with information and help, but when that is not possible, the cats move to our shelter or temporary homes. There they receive the medical treatment they need, from simple treatments against fleas and paracito, even surgery thanks to the donations and support of different veterinarians that collaborate with our association.

Our foster care system also provides them with the socialization they need to become loving family partners. This also helps us know which cats have their limitations so that we can match them to the right conditions for your perfect home forever.

Cats and kittens can be adopted directly in our center or also in foster homes. Our currently available cats can be seen on this website under Adopt, and also in our albums available for adoption in the photo section of our Facebook profile. These albums are regularly updated and the contact details of the caregivers can be found in the text of each photo.

All animals deserve a warm bed, food, and care.