Our History

We are a non-profit association created by Julia Rojas Psychologist by profession, the grandmother of our founder was a lover of cats, after her death, our founder promised to rescue and take care of the cats on the street who need it most.

In 2015 Catrix was created, the association began helping cats in vulnerable, dangerous, abandoned situations or with injuries that threatened their life; However, the needs that we have identified have transformed our work leading us to a comprehensive approach to solutions where many are involved, we seek to benefit animals and humans
believing that a better society is necessary for the development of animal welfare. If people are better, their animals will be better.

Education in the population is essential for us, starting from the smallest, so we make sure that they understand and build a better society.
Catrixs actions occur both in Government Institutions (very frequent), to neighborhoods and houses of residence, generally inhabited by people of legal age or, in
state of pover

Our first case was Skeletor, it was a little cat less than one year old that although we tried to give him the best life and the best medically, we could not save his life, that marked us and made our Catrix Association what it is now, he will always be in our heart.


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