In catrix we have many ways in which you can collaborate, one of them is to make the donate of products that we donate with which you will be helping us to move forward.

In order to make the donate of any of these products, you can contact us in the buy button to give you more information on how to make the donation, shipping.     


Pumpkin Pie (Season) Donate ₡ 5000 withdrawing at Catrix Curridabat

Scraper with washable fabric change for your furry friends to entertain donate ₡ 15000

1 Biodegradable Container. 1 Bag of seeds 80g. 1 Bag of Earth. 1 Bag of soil (Organic Fertilizer)  Donate ₡ 5000

Indoor Cat Garden with reversible bedspread with types of plants (Rosemary, Thyme, Mint, Lavender)

2 floors Donate ₡ 10000, 3 floors Donate ₡ 12000

Other ways to collaborate