Feral or Feral Cats

What are free cat colonies?

We all know that in our towns and cities there are stray cats, which sometimes cause annoyance, which proliferate incessantly.

Inappropriate solutions.

  • Some say that it is better to eliminate the cat colony (through adoptions or transfer of its members to an animal shelter) but it is not that simple. Cat communities are never isolated, and if we eliminate one, the cats from the others will come to that new place in search of food and settle.
    On the other hand, cats that are born on the street are difficult to tame once they reach adulthood and locking them in a house can cause bad behavior or depression in the feline, so it is better that they live in controlled colonies
  • Regarding the rules and regulations for the control of overpopulation in our country, article fourteen establishes that euthanasia will not be considered for population control.

What are controlled colonies?

They are cats that live in an urban or rural space and are fed, sterilized and have a series of necessary care to ensure the well-being of all, both felines and humans.

The Trap-Neuter-Return (Trap-Neuter-Return) procedure is the only method that has been shown to be effective in controlling the growth of the stray cat population. CES involves trapping all or most of the feral cats. colony cats, sterilized and returned to their territory. Returned cats, marked with a cut on the ear to identify them as sterile, are provided food, shelter and supervision by those who voluntarily take over these tasks, the caretakers, who also monitor for new cats, Whenever possible, cats young enough to socialize, as well as friendly adult cats, are offered for adoption.

Catrix Zone

Commercial place where a colony of free or feral cats is identified, the TNR system is applied. Surveillance is maintained by the Catrix association and with the support of private companies. In case of need for veterinary attention, Catrix will take care of the capture and transfer

The food will be in charge of the Red Gate in conjunction with Catrix, they will provide food that is the only food that will be given, this in an area and place designated for this purpose.

Educational material: signs

It is very important that the local business or trade post informative material in order to inform that the animals are monitored and do not require food and that they are neutered and not out of control.

This with the purpose of preventing people from leaving garbage to feed them and the aim is to accustom the cats to an area to feed.

To achieve success, proper waste management is essential and for this to keep the garbage cans always closed, for this purpose, signs and an education and awareness plan are also used.

Before starting any action, it is important to inform and reach an agreement with the people in the area about what you intend to do and above all tell them about the benefit that this sterilization will entail: there will no longer be litters, fights, urine … But on the other hand the presence of some felines will establish a control over rodents. And even if the current cat colony was eliminated, it would once again be repopulated by members of some other neighboring colony.


It is important to inform the members of the security team about the activities carried out and above all to alert them to be vigilant against possible abandonments in the area.